Spider Plants - Perfect for the home, office or dorm room!

Spider Plants - Perfect for the home, office or dorm room!

The spider plant is a low maintenance, no fuss tropical plant to brighten up any space.  It will thrive in a variety of light settings though direct sunlight may burn the leaves and too little light will lead to slower growth and pale green leaves.  It thrives best in medium light.  Just a couple hours of morning light is all it takes to keep the spider plant looking it's best and growing spider babies.

The spider plant loves well draining potting mix.  It does not like soggy roots  You can add extra perlite or pumice to regular potting mix.  During the summer I water with a lightly fertilized water.  Add liquid fertilizer at about half strength will work fine.  During the growing season this plant likes to be watered once a week.  During winter cut back to about every other week.  Make sure the soil is dry before watering again. 

Spider plants reproduce in a couple ways.  They will send out long vines that grow spiderettes.  Once the spiderettes grow little root nubs just trim the spiderettes off the vine and place them in water in a sunny window.  They'll start to grow roots rather quickly and once they do you can pot them up in a regular potting mix.  Spider plants also clone themselves in the pot.  You may want to divide them every so often to keep the pot from becoming overcrowded.

Chlorophytum comosum was first published in 1862 and it's native range is tropical west Africa and the east African coastal countries from as far north as southern Sudan down to South Africa.  The spider plant is a hard to kill perennial that grows in seasonally dry tropical biome. It can take a bit of drought and neglect making it the perfect plant for new plant parents.

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