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Hoya Mix - Soilless Potting Mix

Hoya Mix - Soilless Potting Mix

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This Hoya Mix was developed over time by an enthusiastic collector and grower of Hoyas.  It drains well while retaining moisture and yet dries quickly so as not to rot the delicate root systems.  Hoyas are epiphytes that grow on trees in the rainforests of southeast Asia.  In the wild their roots are exposed to the moist air of the wet tropical biome. 

This mix was created to mimic their natural environment, promote air circulation and prevent root rot.  It can be used for repotting your Hoyas as well as rooting cuttings.  Each batch is mixed individually to ensure quality control.

Ingredients: Coconut Coir, Coconut Chips, Tree Fern Fiber, Pumice, Horticultural Charcoal, Pine Bark Fines, Fir Bark Fines

Size: 4 quart bag

Tips for Use

Mix ingredients well in a large mixing bowl before using. The coconut coir and tree fern fiber tend to sift to the bottom.

Hydrate the amount of mix you intend to use first before adding plants.

If repotting a plant from soil to soilless Hoya mix be sure to get as much dirt off the roots as possible. Soil will retain more moisture longer than a soilless mix and too much soil around the roots can lead to root rot.

A soilless mix contains no nutrients. Water each time with lightly fertilized water. Mix one gallon of water with 1/4 tsp. water soluble fertilizer.  Hoyas are not heavy feeders and many fertilizers work equally well. 

Water top down and leave just enough water in the tray to hydrate the mix.  This will extend the amount of time you can go between waterings.

Rooting Cuttings

When using soilless Hoya mix to root cuttings first dip the cuttings first in a little water and then in a rooting hormone powder before sticking them into the mix. 

Use 3"-4" grow pots. The roots will grow first and fill the pot before the plant starts to grow up top. 

Place the grow pot in a small tray and keep a little water in it for the first 3-4 weeks. The mix should remain moist, but not soggy, until the roots start to grow. 

Once you can tug lightly on the cutting and it doesn't budge the cutting is rooted and you can allow the mix to dry out between waterings. 

If you miss a watering and the mix dries out just hydrate the mix and the cutting will continue rooting. Most Hoyas a pretty forgiving.

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