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Hoya pubicalyx

Hoya pubicalyx

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Hoya pubicalyx is an easy to grow, no fuss plant with gorgeous thick, waxy, splashy leaves. This plant is a native of the Philippines and has been in the trade for generations for good reason.  This is a beautiful, drought tolerant plant with no special requirements.  It grows long thick vines that can be left to drape or trellised up.  They can be cut back in the spring if you prefer to make the plant a little fuller at the bottom.  The splash on these leaves will turn a pinkish lavender color when sun stressed.  This is a great Hoya for beginners and people new to plant parenthood as well as collectors.  Hoya pubicalyx is drought tolerant and can take a bit of neglect.

H. pubicalyx care tips:
Soil: Well draining mix.  Currently in soil free mix.
Water: When soil is mostly dry.
Humidity: Average household humidity
Light: Bright indirect light is best, a south or west facing window with a sheer.
Temperature: Above 60°F
Toxicity: Hoyas are considered non-toxic but sap could cause irritation.

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